This Is What Job Seekers Want the Most

Although the number of workers leaving their jobs continues to rise, all's not lost. Hiring leaders and their recruitment partners must consider what job seekers want from their employers.

How to Avoid 'CEO Disease' and Become a More Self-Aware Entrepreneur

Cultivating just a few regular practices can help you to get in touch with your emotions and better understand how others view you.

Aytekin Tank

How This Strategic Senior Executive Is Driving Exponential Revenue For Multiple Premium Edtech Businesses

Executive coach for startups and entrepreneurs Artem Kazakov, a prominent sales and marketing professional with a track record of delivering extraordinary results in marketing strategy development for more than a decade, is now boosting revenue streams of Skillbox, a premier edtech firm

John Stanly

A New Take on Selling — And Why It's So Important

Just the word "sales" fills many entrepreneurs with anxiety, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Why Fit In When Your Business Can Stand Out

At the mouth of Monterey Fisherman's Wharf lies Paluca Trattoria, a "coastal chic" restaurant focused on keeping the history and authenticity of its location alive.

How to Lead a Multi-Generational Workforce in the New Normal

When my office first went remote, I expressed strong opposition. But I'm starting to see that hybrid and remote workplaces have a lot to offer.

Jan Risi

Don't Be a Statistic in the Great Resignation: Prioritize Employees' Health to Retain and Attract Talent

The Great Resignation has led millions of Americans to quit their jobs and seek employment with companies that value them as human beings. Show your employees how important they are to you by prioritizing their mental and physical health and wellness.

Lindsay Cook

Anti-Russia Sentiment Is Fueling Harassment, Bias and Workplace Conflict: 4 Ways to De-Escalate Team Tension and Save Your Company Culture

The war in Ukraine has stirred up conflict among coworkers along with unfair bias against employees of Russian descent. However are a few steps to take to calm tensions and get everyone back on track during these turbulent times.

Janine Yancey

Celebrating Women's History Month: 5 Powerful Women Who Paved the Way

With fights for equal pay and increased job opportunities still necessary in today's world, it's inspiring to look back on those in history who've sparked change.

Kelly Hyman

How the 'Rule of Thirds' Can Fuel Work-Life Balance

Breaking your day into three broad categories can harmoniously integrate passion and purpose.

Jehan Luth

Best Practices for Respectfully Letting an Employee Go

Employment termination can be an emotional process, but it doesn't have to be thoughtless or cruel.

Warith Niallah

Solving Organizational Diversity Is Still an Issue: The Cost Is Steep, But the Rewards Are High

This article includes information about the costs for failing to solve organization diversity issues and the simple tactics that can resolve them.