Social Media

3 Examples of How to Build a Strong Brand Community

From Gary Vaynerchuk's cult of personality to Starbucks' cross-platform mastery, tales of genuine and profitable community building.

7 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Without Buying Followers

Take charge of your Instagram growth and build a bigger (and legitimate) following.

Parwinder Singh

Is Now the Time for Elon Musk to Launch His Own Social Media Platform?

The outspoken Tesla CEO appears to be readying an alternative to Twitter, which he has critiqued for inhibiting free speech. But is this the right move for the tech billionaire?

Jeremy Knauff

Sidestep Cancel Culture: 3 Ways to Manage Your Reputation Online

To avoid falling victim to cancel culture, should you avoid being online or are there ways to inoculate your reputation? Here, we'll look at three proven systems to manage reputation online.

Lida Citroën

The 'CEO of ChefTok' Explains Going Viral on Social Media

Interview with Silicon Valley Executive Chef Brandon Dearden about how to grow a brand on social media with consistency and simplicity, while learning to embrace "failure."

Elon Musk surveys freedom of expression on Twitter and plays with the idea of buying the social network

More than 2 million users responded to the survey; 70.1% said that the social network does not adhere to the principles of freedom of expression.

Finally! WhatsApp will allow users to react to messages with emojis

Don't get too excited. The functionality will be available for now only for some users and on the Android platform.

Russia bans the use of Facebook and Instagram and calls them extremists

Finally, Meta's social networks have been labeled "extremist" and definitively banned from Russian territory.

In search of the lost public: the Oscars are this Sunday and for the first time they will include a category chosen by Twitter users

In order to stop the decline in its audience levels, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood tries to reinvent itself by seeking engagement through social networks.

Why Your Business Needs to Prepare for the Metaverse

As some people still research what exactly the metaverse is, many major businesses are already taking steps to shape that digital future.

Duncan Wardle

Russia announces the arrival of Rossgram, the social network that intends to replace Instagram

After the veto of the social network, an alternative "clone" appears that seeks to fill the gap left by the departure of Instagram from Russia.