How This First-Generation American Founder Is Taking on Fast-Food Giants

The three most important lessons Ayeshah Abuelhiga has learned in building Mason Dixie Foods.

Mita Mallick

Celebrating Women's History Month: 5 Powerful Women Who Paved the Way

With fights for equal pay and increased job opportunities still necessary in today's world, it's inspiring to look back on those in history who've sparked change.

Kelly Hyman

The Ukraine Crisis Hits Close to Home for Silicon Valley, and Tech Execs Aren't Wasting Time: 'They're Thinking Like a Startup, Which Allows Them to Move Faster'

Ukrainian-American venture capitalist and Worklife founder Brianne Kimmel discusses her company's involvement with relief efforts, including an offer to evacuate thousands of Ukrainian engineers, and how other companies can make the most of their resources to help those in need.

Amanda Breen

The Crusader

Be.artsy covered 12,000 young women between August 2020 and January 2021 under the Be Your Own Lakshmi banner, in 45 educational institutions and 220 sessions open to individuals

Why Personal Branding for Women Is More Important Than Ever

The pandemic resulted in a disproportionate number of lost jobs for women, which is why their need to self-brand effectively is uniquely critical.

Lakesha Cole

How to Reset Your Career and Love What You Do

The author of 'Embrace the Work, Love Your Career' shares her advice for anyone looking to fall in love with their work.

Jessica Abo

Indian-Origin Entrepreneur From UK Wins The Apprentice Reality Show

Harpreet Kaur, a 30-year-old Indian origin entrepreneur based in Northern England, prevailed over 16 other contenders to win an investment of GBP 250,000 in The Apprentice, a popular UK reality television show.

Woman on the Wheel

Myles has added 11,622 new customers in the last two years. There was an increase in overall customer requests by 84% in 2021

The Girl Gamer

We have created an interactive entertainment platform, with over 75 million registered users spending an average of 50 mins a day: Saumya Singh Rathore

The High Stepper

All industries are being disrupted and unless all the key stakeholders in an organization have an entrepreneurial mindset, it will be very difficult for them to last for very long: Alisha Malik

The Content Queen

Raising capital is hard, and for female entrepreneurs, it is harder. Regardless of our background, women still have to battle the inherent conscious and unconscious biases, including the age-old questions of juggling a career and family, to secure investments: Priyanka Gill